Pandora's Battery Just Got A Lot Simpler [2/18/08]

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Pandora's Battery Just Got A Lot Simpler [2/18/08]

Post by havoc802 on Mon Feb 18, 2008 1:40 pm

According to the description, this "Battery Service Tool" has the ability to turn any PSP battery into the Pandora's Battery. Adding to the interest, is it's ability to immediately return the battery to normal. This would allow anyone without a homebrew-capable PSP to convert their battery, downgrade/unbrick the unit, and restore the battery as it was five minutes ago.

The Battery Service Tool is available right now for £12.99 (~$25 USD).

There's no additional information on the website right now, with Specs and Press Reviews "coming soon". It seems you'd simply place a charged PSP battery on the device (it's power by the battery, no other power source needed), and it will convert it for you. Later you can revert to the normal state. Normally this feat would require a homebrew-capable PSP, which is often hard to come by, for those trying to downgrade. The convenience will definitely catch the eyes of Sony, but at this point, we're not sure what they can do.

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