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Access the New VIP

Post by xDanny123x on Thu Dec 04, 2008 12:47 am

Ok some of you guys will get mad at us but sorry about it

Ok now some of you guys are probably wondering why aren't VIP anymore? well we've updated the VIP section back to if's original order. In order to access the VIP you need to pay a small fee(go to Mr Tissue for the payment u wil be paying him on the sites new paypal account).

$2 - One Week access the VIP section

$5 - One Month access the VIP section

$10 - One Year access the VIP section

$20 - Life time access the VIP section

the VIP section include the following

* Hacking Tools (special)

* Console ISOs (Wii 360 PS3)

* XXX section

* Pc applications

and more

Note: Also if u are MOTM (member of the month) you get access to c these forums but not post

We are sorry but we need the money

It's barely new so don't expect alot from it yet


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