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Post by xDanny123x on Mon Dec 01, 2008 11:03 pm

Sup you guys we have some site updates Very Happy

1. We have now moved some of the mods and admins to the staff section now for those who have plz don't get mad at us ask on of the administrators for more info.

2. we have changed some of the colors for the site check it out Very Happy

3. Also Mr. T just added new playlists check them out heres the link

4. we have added a Gamertag, PSN and Wii friend code into your profile check it out Razz (the PSN and the Wii are combined need info contact an admin)

5. We Changed the theme like it?

6. the new VIP will be changed in order to access the VIP you need to pay up (sorry but we need the money) see the thread for more details

Me and Mr. Tissue are changing some thing around this site so expect more from us Very Happy

If anyone have any questions plz contact any administrator thank you


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