PSP hardware sales rise, software sales stagnate [5/14/08]

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PSP hardware sales rise, software sales stagnate [5/14/08]

Post by havoc802 on Wed May 14, 2008 4:25 pm

In terms of software sales, the PS2's enormous installed base led to
sales of 154 million units, down 39.5 million on the year but still
almost triple the other PlayStation platforms. The PSP only showed
minimal growth, however, adding just 800,000 games over last year to a
55.5 million total for the year to March 31. PSP, as expected,
performed very well in Sony's annual fiscal report, ending March 31,
2008. Annual hardware sales rose to 13.9 million, an increase of 46%
from fiscal 2007. The redesigned hardware provided a lot of momentum in
America, and Japan's insatiable taste for Monster Hunter certainly helped Sony's handheld quite a bit.

in spite of significant growth in hardware, software sales stagnated.
The PSP sold through 55.5 million software units, a growth of
approximately 1% from last year. In spite of a slew of major new
releases, like Crisis Core, software sales on PSP simply don't perform as well as they should.




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