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Post by havoc802 on Tue Nov 13, 2007 4:19 pm

General Rules:

1.0 No spamming.

Don't post unless you have something meaningful to say. Posts containing only one word such as "thanks", "lol" etc. or a single smiley will be deleted by our moderators. Anyone exceedingly breaking this rule will end up getting banned. This rule does not apply to the spam forum.

--- 1.1 No doubleposting.
--- If you forgot to add something in your post edit it instead of posting
--- another message.

--- 1.2 No advertising.
--- Do not make topics or posts that advertise other websites which are
--- irrelevant to the topic. If you would like to advertise your site please
--- use the advertisements forum. Advertising websites containing malware
--- will get you banned instantly!

--- 1.3 Post in the correct forums.
--- Please make topics in the right forums and categories otherwise they
--- will be moved by an administrator or a moderator.

--- 1.4 Smilies
--- Do not use too many smilies in one post, it can become distracting to
--- other members reading your post.

2.0 No inappropriate posts/topics.
Don't post anything that may be considered inappropriate or offensive to other site members.

--- 2.1 No illegal content.
--- Anything considered illegal will be deleted by our site staff. This is not a
--- warez forum, and this rule will be strictly enforced. The following is
--- considered illegal content:
--- > Sexual and/or pornographic content.
--- > Copyright infringment.
--- > Links for downloading pirated software/music from file sharing sites.
--- > Illegal hacking.

3.0 Respect site staff and other members.
Show respect to our staff and other site members, no hateful messages or threats will be tolerated.

4.0 Linking to other websites.
Don't link or advertise websites that contain viruses/spyware or anything else that can harm someone's computer, or violate their privacy. Breaking this rule can get you banned instantly.

5.0 Responsiblity
You are responsible for what is done with your account. If you let others use your account you are the one responsible for their actions.

6.0 Leeching
If you steal anything from our site and post it on another forum without giving the proper credits you will be banned.

--- 6.1 Leeching from other sites.
--- Just like nobody is allowed to steal from our site, we are not allowed to
--- steal anything from other sites. If you are going to post something from
--- another site make sure you have a permission from the original poster,
--- and give them the proper credits.

7.0 Avatars
Make sure that your avatar isn't too large and is appropriate. Any avatar with dimensions larger than 250 x 250 can be removed at any time at the site staff. Same goes for innaproprate avatars, this includes pornographic content or anything offensive to other site members.

8.0 Signatures
Don't make your signature too large, it makes the site load slower and it uses extra space. Any signature larger than 750 x 200 can be removed at any time by the site staff. Just like for avatars, make sure your signature does not contain any pornographic material or anything offensive. Do not link to sites that distribute malware, this will get you banned instantly.

9.0 Chatroom
Same posting rules as on the site apply to the chatroom. Treat other members in chat with respect.

10.0 Rules Modification
Any rules might be modified at any moment, at the site owner’s
discretion. All accounts have to be in conformity with all changes which have been done in these policies.

Additonal Rules/Information:

We need to follow the Forumotion TOS which can be found here: reserves the right to delete any accounts or
forums considered like not conform to the rules quoted here or specified in or in the international website rules according to the
international internet law. Any illegal content or act can or would be reported
to the concerned services and prosecuted.

- Before you post : A search should be done to see if
your questions have not been already posted. You have a FAQ section
where you can find answers for general questions about board management

The consequences for breaking any of the site rules will depend on the degree of your offense. It can range from a simple warning to permanent IP ban.

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